In the coming weeks, my older sister is graduating from an instructional design program at Samford University. As one of her final assignments, she’s been tasked to create a comprehensive course using the skills that she’s gained throughout the program. And she asked her family for feedback on her course about health. So, now I’m in the process of going through the course material and one of the criteria for finishing the course is writing about your health habits.

Taking my sister’s course has made me realize how important a quality diet and workout routine are to my general health. I try to eat fairly clean (except for holidays and special occasions) and workout roughly four times a week. Last Thanksgiving, I ran a half-marathon. I’m a pretty active guy.

But over the past few weeks, I’ve been forced to think more about health. At a charity dinner, I sat next to a man with prostate cancer. He gave me the advice to include wheat, honey, and cinnamon in my diet. I passed that along to my fraternity brothers. Why? Because a disproportionate number of black men end up with prostate cancer. See, even though I try to live a healthy lifestyle, most of the time I don’t realize that being healthy is a matter of life and death.

Health is important. And I’m glad I’m getting the┬áchance to think about it more. Health is especially important in the black community, where we often don’t have the best diets. The conversations are vital. The lifestyle changes are necessary.

I’m fresh off of Thanksgiving break, so I’m aiming to eat pretty “lean” this week. I’ll present my food progress at a later date. Cheers to the process and thanks to my sister for creating a great course.



Here’s a starting photo of myself (or something close to it)